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Cases for left handed guitars...



Guitar cases that fit right handed guitars don't necessarily fit left handed guitars. General guitar cases and gig bags are not made for left handed guitars and if they fit, it is by coincidence only. Otherwise the only lefty guitar cases you will see are branded cases made for specific left-handed guitars and basses by that brand. That doesn't mean they will fit similar lefty models by other brands. For example, left-handed Explorers by Gibson, Hamer, Gaskell, Dean, Tokai, and ESP don't fit in each other's cases. 


This has always been a problem. If your guitar did not come with a case or a gig bag then you need to know what aftermarket cases and bags will fit your guitar. This can be difficult, especially for left handed Explorers, Firebirds and offset Vs. I have been doing this a long time. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. I've already travelled that path! (Unfortunately, when I ceased factory manufacturing in 2012 I also lost the factory that made my shaped hard cases for my lefty Explorers and Firebirds. In 2023 I cannot get these made again without ordering a large quantity, and I am not going to do that.) 


Click on the type of guitar or bass below to be taken to a corresponding list of aftermarket bags and cases that I know of, and in some cases use, for left handed guitars and left handed basses. I have enough experience with all of these to know which ones are good and which ones are fair. None are really "bad" but some are definitely "poor."


Some of these bags or cases maybe available through this website. Check by going to ON LINE STORE.


I have given each bag and case a rating on a scale out of 10. This is my personal opinion. If you know of any others, feel free to contact me. 

Cases for left handed Explorer guitars
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Cases for left handed Strat guitars
Cases for left handed PRS guitars
Cases for left handed Flying V guitars
Cases for left handed Explorer Bass guitars
Cases for left handed V Bass guitars
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