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NOTE. The Hybrid Series has been discontinued from 2024. 

The Gaskell ROYALE is brand new for 2023. Made of genuine ash and highest quality hardware and components, this left hand guitar stands out from the rest. 

Are you a Telecaster fan but tired of the boring, bland, and uninspiring shape?

When I started building guitars in 2007 I was only interested in making left hand guitars that you could not get anywhere else. Even in Custom Shop later. As the years progressed all the major brands that were not making lefty guitars at the time heard about Gaskell guitars. And it obviously dawned on some of them that there is a market for lefties, and if you neglect them they are going to hate you. And deservedly so. So some of these brands started making lefties. 

In 2023 there are many more options for lefty guitarists than what there were 15 years ago. So where do you go with left handed guitars these days? The answer is original models. 

Telecasters are great guitars. They sound unique. But they are dead boring. My answer is the Gaskell ROYALE. The Royale is configured like a Tele but doesn't look anything like one. It is a 21st Century, modern-looking guitar. It can be upgraded the same as any Telecaster but this is a guitar that stands out because there isn't anything else like it. 

If you want to really make a bold statement as a guitarist then buy and play a Gaskell ROYALE.   

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