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Gaskell Guitars Position on Mandatory Vaccines. Not a lot is happening with guitars right now. No matter where you live in the world I am sure you have heard some news about the ridiculousness going on in Australia, particularly in the State I live in, New South Wales. Our Premier has turned our state into a Totalitarian Fascist regime. The People of NSW are being treated like children and the measures and conduct of our so-called "leaders" is mind-boggling inept and oppressive. It is so hard to believe this is really happening. But it is. I am a student of history and I can see the parallels between current Australia and Nazi Germany. It is frightening. I feel it is important to say something about this, particularly on the NSW government's attempts to mandate "mandatory vaccinations." This of course, is illegal and a violation of Human Rights, but to any Fascist regime, the law means nothing, only their "law." And their "law" equals oppression.

When any person buys a house, car, goods, or services they have to do their due diligence (ask questions) to be able to make an informed decision. This includes personal health. If you don't ask about the product or service and just go ahead because you were just told to do it, it's an "impulse buy." That doesn't always work out, does it.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the Australian Federal government body that reports reactions and deaths from medicines, including vaccines. Ref: www.tga.gov.au

  • As of 28 August 2021 the TGA has received 476 reported deaths from the Astra Zeneca and Pfizer vaccines in Australia. 

  • As of 28 August 2021 the TGA have over 49,000 reports of adverse reactions to the vaccines many whom have resulted in hospitalizations.


Yet, the NSW and Federal governments and their Propaganda machine (Mainstream Media) are encouraging people to take these vaccines and telling us they are "safe" and that complications from these vaccines is "rare." 

476 deaths and 49,000 complications in my personal opinion does not qualify as "safe" nor "rare." And for a disease that 99.9% of people WILL NOT DIE FROM? This is madness

Because the numbers of deaths and complications/hospitalizations in Australia are going up at a rate greater than "deaths from Covid" Australian doctors are now being told they are "not allowed" to report vaccinations as the cause of adverse reactions caused by vaccinations, only the "symptoms." Doctors are being gagged. This is criminal. 

With thousands of NSW businesses destroyed, and over one millions Sydneysiders forcibly made unemployed, the Gladys Berejiklian regime is now attempting to shift blame for their failed "leadership" from themselves to "The Unvaccinated." To the Nazis it was "The Jews." To the NSW government it is "The Unvaccinated." What does this really mean? Gladys Berejiklian intends to DISCRIMINATE against any person whose due diligence has led them to a decision not to take the Astra Zeneca or Pfizer vaccines. The Goebbels-style Berejiklian Propaganda machine intends to make these people "wrong" for exercising their POWER OF CHOICE in making such a decision. An informed decision. 

OUR POSITION. Gaskell Guitars opposes the coercive and bullying tactics of the Berejiklian government to make health decisions for individuals. It is personal choice whether you take or not take these vaccines on offer. If a person has done their due diligence and decides the vaccines on offer are too high a risk from a health perspective then it should be their right to think so and act accordingly. We will not subscribe to the thuggery and Human Rights abuses of Gladys Berejiklian's modern Nazi regime. 

Thank you for reading this far.


AUGUST 2021.


Sydney and Greater Sydney has been under tyrannical rule for 2 months, full lockdown resulting in 600,000 people, roughly one third of the Sydney worforce, forcibly JOBLESS. Our Fascist and oppressive Premier and her SS Nazi sidekick Police Commissioner have unleashed incredibly oppressive and suppressive rules, not disimilar to what you would expect from the Communist Chinese regime. Australia is in fact the most CCP-infiltrated country in the world (with New Zealand a very close #2.) As a result of this destructive and suppressive regime thousands of small businesses in New South Wales have been destroyed, hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives have been RUINED and the toxic Mainstream Media continues to lie and lie and lie about "Covid", about the "vaccine", and why the tyranny is "necessary" in an attempt to brainwash the People into being injected with a BIO WEAPON developed by Bill Gates and DARPA (U.S Military.) Depopulation is the real name of the game. Agenda 21. Agenda 2030. Look them up on the UN website. They are not even HIDING it anymore. That's what they want. The Media and this government has proven to be the Enemy of the People. As for guitars, all builds are stopped. It is highly unlikely we will come out of this. "Happy thoughts" doesn't pay the bills. The blame lies with the Nazi-like government of New South Wales and our disgraceful, treasonous Prime Minister. Our "leaders" (what a joke!) are being paid off by Astra Zeneca and Pfizer and held to ransom to introduce the UN's global extermination programs into this once-great country.


I have been on this Earth more than 50 years. I have seen a lot. I have lived in 3rd World countries. I have lived in a country governed by a totalitarian Left Wing dictator. I have seen people killed. I have been under fire. I have been injured. I have been in situations where to make the wrong decision will result in death. I have dodged death hundreds of times. I have faced death and I am alive today because of my training and intellect. I have seen the results of LEFT WING POLITICS first hand. And I am telling you right now this is exactly what is happening to Australia and the world right now. This is not going to end well for Australia unless there is an uprising. And don't forget: 99.9% of people SURVIVE "Covid." But, that's not even the issue anymore is it. "Agenda 21." "The Great Reset." Call it what you will. But it is really happening and you either bury your head in the sand and say it's all "conspiracy" and be lambs to the slaughter, or you can go with the TRUTH and start fighting. You might not be trained, but you have your own INTELLECT. You can start by saying "No." And that's the first thing. I've made my choice. What about you?  


JUNE 2021.


Just when we thought we were out of the woods.... Covid again. This is getting mighty boring (and stupid.) Lockdowns in Sydney. Work has been put on hold for the two weeks the NSW government expects to keep us imprisoned in our homes.

MAY 2021.


Our good friend Neal from Leftfretz.com has just published a terrific article on guitar SCALE LENGTH. This is a very important subject when it comes to custom-built guitars. You don't have a say in the matter when you buy an off-the-shelf guitar but if a custom scale length is important to you and what you want is different to a mass produced equivalent, then this information is important and relevant to get your build right. I refer you directly to the Leftfretz web site for this excellently presented information. https://leftyfretz.com/guitar-scale-length-explained/


I get a lot of questions about the Legacy Gaskells. As a result I have spent a lot of time putting together a FAQ to answer all your questions. I had never done this before. CLICK HERE (can also be accessed from the RESOURCE page, see above tab.) This FAQ page is intended to have everything you need to know or would like to know about our 2007-2012 factory-made models, e.g. how to date your guitar, what it is made of, when things changed, where things came from. I may have forgotten things so if you have any other questions go ahead and email me.





I have successfully recovered some of the key information that was lost from the old website when it was hijacked which much of it had to be done from scratch. Some of it I have had to re do, from memory. If you see something that is wrong or that I have obviously forgotten about please let me know in an email. Here are the new articles and all can be accessed by going to the RESOURCES page herein. They are:



 I have been through storage and have found a number of N.O.S guitars, unfinished or not even assembled. ALL ARE FOR SALE.  No pictures until finished unless you are really keen to take one now sight unseen. 


  • ** SOLD ** GASKELL CLASSIC SINGLE PICKUP WITH FLOYD ROSE. Colour: white with chrome hardware. Factory-made body, built in 2009 or 2010. Has some scuffs from storage and because of it's age the colour has started to go an off-white colour. A slightly "aged" or "antique" look. Very nice! Genuine rosewood fingerboard. I will be assembling this guitar from N.O.S Gaskell parts and it will be fitted with EMG 81/85s. It will be recorded as a N.O.S 2021 build. Price: AU$ 2000 (US$ 1590, GBP 1125, Euro 1300.)


  • ** SOLD ** GASKELL CLASSIC SINGLE PICKUP WITH FLOYD ROSE. Colour: transparent cherry red with chrome hardware. Factory-made body, built in 2009 or 2010. Grain and colour is very nice. Genuine rosewood fingerboard. There are some small scuff marks from storage. I will attempt to buff those out when I finish it. I will be assembling this guitar from N.O.S Gaskell parts + Seymour Duncan JB/59 pickups. It will be recorded as a N.O.S 2021 build. Price: AU$ 2000 (US$ 1590, GBP 1125, Euro 1300.)

  • GASKELL CLASSIC ONE-OFF UNFINISHED BUILD. I have also found an Australian-built Gaskell Classic which was never finished. The body is basswood and it was painted matt black in 2017 and never finished. It has been routed for two pickups and a Floyd Rose tremolo. I will be assembling this guitar with N.O.S Gaskell parts, and EMG 81/85 or Seymour Duncan 59/JB pickups which I have brand new, unused. Contact me if you would like to buy this one-off guitar. It will be recorded as a N.O.S 2021 build. Special price to move it on to someone else quickly is AU$ 2500. That's almost HALF PRICE, people. Contact me if you want it. 


  • **NO LONGER FOR SALE** GASKELL EAGLE UNFINISHED. Charles will be finishing an incomplete Custom shop EAGLE build. It is charcoalburst with a flamed maple top. It has twin humbucking pickups with Seymour Duncan 59/JB combo and 5-way selector and a Hipshot wraparound bridge. This was to be a stock guitar but we never finished it. I will sell it if someone is interested in it. If not, I will keep it for myself. Price is AU$ 4000 = US$ 3200 = Euro 2600 = GBP  2249. It will be ready by the end of March 2021.  

  • ** SOLD ** NEW OLD STOCK LIMITED EDITION 2011 FIRESTARTER. I have a N.O.S 2011 Limited Edition Firestarter. One of only 6 made. This one was not sold at the time because it needed some finishing and I never got to it and then forgot all about it. In addition to a setup I need to change the selector switch and re-do the nut on it. After that it will be for sale. Priced to clear. I have lost the pick guard for it so it will be without a pickguard. I am not going to make one for it. Price = AU$ 650 (US$ 500, GBP 362, Euro 422.) If I was to build this same guitar in Custom shop it would cost you AU$ 4000.

FEBRUARY 2021. I have met newly with Charles Cilia and we have made an agreement to build the core Gaskell models as custom shop builds in 2021: CLASSIC / XBASS (Explorer) FIRESTARTER / THUNDERBASS (Firebird) and HYBRID (double cut) are the main ones. A left handed Gibson "arctic white" Explorer will cost us AU$4500. For the same money or even a bit less you can get a Gaskell Classic with your choice of woods, hardware, pickups and electronics. The Gaskell Classic is not a clone of the Gibson. We are not breaking any laws.  Turnaround time will improve as time goes on but for now will be about 9 months. As lefty players you have two choices of Gibson originals in 2021. Through Gaskell Custom shop you have NO LIMIT OF CHOICES. Splurge on the opportunity.

JANUARY 2021. Welcome to the new Gaskell Guitars website. The old website was hijacked and I have had to make a new one from scratch due to losing a lot of that information including media (photos.) I will be constantly adding to and tidying up the website for as long as it takes for me to reconstruct the lost material and add or re write other information. Bear with me if some things aren't quite right yet. Have a look through the website. This is an ongoing work in progress. FEEDBACK WELCOME.