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Gaskell News
28 November, 2023

Effective immediately I will no longer advocate or sell Schaller products. This is the outcome of a surprisingly bad experience and unresolved dispute that ended on a very bad note. Something as simple as a one-word answer to a simple question would have resolved. Very unprofessional and very unexpected. If you want Schaller upgrades you are free to supply your own.  

22 September 2023. Update on production.

Well, I am HAPPY to say that most customer orders are in! I have preliminarily inspected them and apart from the factory putting on right handed knobs (never would have lost that bet!) they are good. We have the Custom Shop work to do on them next and I will be contacting those of you who are not in Australia and have shipping costs still to work out in the next week or two. I am quite pleased with these guitars. Having made Custom guitars fully in-house here in Australia, using the best of the best, I do need to, in my own mind, "lower expectations" in some areas. Mass produced and Custom Shop are very different operations. A $1000 guitar is not a $5000 guitar. I have used several factories to make this current run and all are excellent for the price point. I pay a third more for each guitar than any other brand that buys in quantity for the privilege of doing custom orders on a small scale. Factories don't like that. In fact, in the process of finding factories that would make left handed Gaskells, most simply said "no." Lefty guitarists are 1 in 200 and factory manufacturing is all about quantity and output. That's another thing. I had to wait a long time for these. Lefty orders are NOT their priority. I am somewhat at their mercy. Thank you for your patience.

I didn't plan on doing this initially but I also had a few Firestarters built for "stock." I have two very beautiful transparent wine guitars with gold hardware - absolutely gorgeous, and one is a wine-burst with chrome hardware. Also transparent so you can still see the very nice mahogany. Also a "spare" Pelham Blue Firestarter, a blue Allrounder FR, and a Headless in Signal Red. All guitars are very light weight which means the wood is high quality. No guitar is over 3kg. I will be in touch with you all in the next few days. 
15 August 2023. Update on production.

Well, I am not very happy to say that all guitars in production are behind schedule, some as much as four weeks. I am not sure exactly why, possibly because of the volume of guitars that
are in production. But that seems like a weak excuse. It's probably the opposite, because these are small runs, and the factory is going to prioritize mass production runs, e.g. 300 or more guitars for some gigantic, soulless chain store (yes I am taking a stab at you, Thomann!) that buys cheaply-made guitars enmasse for a quarter to a sixth of the price of what anyone else pays - and then sells them for less than cost price to get rid of them (!!!) Ok, rant over. ... I am applying pressure on the factory and will stay on them until they get these guitars done! Once they are finished and I have approved them, they will make the journey across the ocean to Australia where we do our work here on them. All up, another 3-4 weeks once they have been sent. I am doing everything I can to avoid a repeat of this happening in the future. 

To everyone that ordered in June or July, I ask you please be patient and I will keep you updated as soon as I am. 
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