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In 2023 I introduced the "HYBRID Series" of Gaskell left hand guitars.  The term "hybrid" refers to the hybrid manufacturing process. They are "hybrid builds."


The new HYBRID Series enables me to reintroduce some of the most popular Gaskell left handed guitars that in recent times have only been available as full custom shop models or were discontinued entirely. And I have added new models!


The new HYBRID series guitars are customizable!


Built into the price of each guitar is a Custom shop new guitar setup including full fret work. This brings the guitars up to the playability you would expect from a professional level guitar - without having to pay thousands otherwise.


Order on line via the CONTACT US option. Select the upgrades you want (if any) and place your order. You will receive a build sheet to confirm your order + invoice.


All guitars are built to order. Please allow 90-100 days.

Left handed Firebird guitar
Left handed Firebird guitar
Gaskell headless left handed guitar
X2 Hybrid Series.jpg
X1-hybrid series.jpg
left handed single pickup Stratocaster
Gaskell left handed bass
Gaskell left handed bass guitar
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