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Legacy Models (2007-2012)

Gaskell Legacy guitars are the original Gaskell left handed guitars made from 2007 until 2012. These guitars were factory-made and I created a PRO SERIES as a means for customization. These factory made guitars were great guitars. Each came with a Custom Shop setup including full fret work. Outstanding guitars for their price point. 


I was forced to discontinue the original guitars in 2012 due to the catastrophic economic situation in Australia that happened as the country came out of the Global Financial Crisis.


The majority of Gaskell players were not from Australia. In fact, Gaskell Guitars became renowned internationally for many years before we were ever noticed in our own country. There are hundreds of Gaskell players in nearly every country of the world.


What finished us off was when the Australian dollar went into hyper-inflation causing its value to skyrocket to the point that one Australian dollar was worth more than one U.S dollar, something that had never happened for almost 50 years and was an absolute financial disaster for Australian businesses. This went on for almost four years. It was like slowly drowning. Many Australian companies that did business internationally were destroyed. The end result for us was that the costs of our guitars and the costs of shipping rose so high, because of the insane exchange rate alone, that the guitars simply became unaffordable for most people. Like so many other Australian businesses, the strong Australian dollar destroyed us. It was agonizing for me to do it and very emotional time to have to end factory production. You have no idea. I only had two choices: close completely or switch fully to custom shop. 


Since 2013 all Gaskell guitars have been built here in Australia using the highest quality materials and resources through our partnership with Australia's top luthier Charles Cilia in Sydney. I make the best left handed guitars in the world.

X1-hybrid series.jpg
X2 Hybrid Series.jpg
Gaskell HYBRID left handed PRS.jpg
Gaskell left handed headless guitar
Gaskell Concord left handed Randy Rhoads V
Gaskell left handed Flying V
Gaskell left handed Iceman
Gaskell Retro
Gaskell JAZZ
Left handed Explorer bass
Gaskell left handed Ric 4004 bass
Gaskell left handed V Bass
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