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Gaskell Legacy model guitars and basses were made from 2007-2012 and are no longer produced. 

The Gaskell SAGE was a left handed guitar made until 2009. It has been out of production since then. Here is it's original description from 2009:


It says in The World Book Dictionary that the word Sage "...suggests deep wisdom based on wide knowledge, experience, and profound thought.And this is what this guitar fully represents!

The Gaskell SAGE is a headless guitar. It is fitted with neck and bridge humbucking pickups and a middle single coil, like a Superstrat. A five-way selector switch enables the player to separate or combine these combinations to give many sound possibilities for a wide range of musical styles.

The Overlord of Music® floating tremolo and headless neck combination enables you to fully pitch-bend not only notes but whole chords! The tremolo also has a switch to change the tremolo from floating to fixed.


For merely dramatic effect we added a Steve Vai-style "monkey grip" to set this guitar apart from other headless guitars on the market!

For more information CLICK HERE (Legacy Gaskell FAQ)

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