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Gaskell LEGACY left handed guitars and basses were made between 2007-2012 and are no longer made.

The Gaskell CONCORD is clearly inspired by the famous Randy Rhoads V, a legendary guitar that due to it's excellent access all the way to the higher frets is considered by many to be the ultimate lead guitar.


Randy's original prototype was built in 1980 by Grover Jackson and Tim Wilson. After Randy's tragic death, Grover Jackson formed Jackson Guitars and Randy's design became his first production model. Charvel, ESP, Kramer, Fernandes, Cort, and Washburn went on to make their own variants.


I introduced my version of this guitar in 2009 specifically for the Australian and New Zealand markets. At the time it was impossible to buy a lefty RRV in Australia or New Zealand. Music stores couldn't even order them from the USA. So I made it instead!  

I did several variations of this model. I did Randy's original 1980 offset V almost exactly the same, however I moved the pickup selector to where the other controls are instead of on the top "horn" as with the original. I also made a version with a Floyd Rose tremolo. I used a D speed neck for both models. For copyright reasons I used the standard Gaskell "hockey stick" headstock.

As much as I love (and play) this guitar myself, lack of interest in the lefty community forced me to discontinue this model even after offering it as a Custom Shop model from 2013. To be fair, both Jackson and ESP do make their respective Randy Rhoads V models in left hand at present. Circumstances have changed and be that as it may, I do not need to make this model.

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