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Gaskell LEGACY models were made between 2007-2012 and are no longer made.

The Gaskell RETRO was a factory-made guitar produced until 2010. Here is the original model description:


The Gaskell RETRO is all "jingle jangle." It is the typical 1960s guitar. But it is also the perfect guitar for Surf Rock/Pop, folk music, 1980s Indie music, and Australian Dolewave. Think The Searchers, Everly Brothers, Beatles, The Byrds, R.E.M, and The Smiths.  

Essentially, the Gaskell Retro is a less pointy, slightly more curvier version of the old Rickenbacker 330 series of semi electric guitars, and of course left handed only. The 330 dates back to 1958. Rickenbacker abandoned the lefty community for a full decade, from 2007 until 2017. 

The Retro's unique sound is achieved by a combination of the semi hollow body plus the low output vintage pickups. Even then, it also sounds good when you stomp on that overdrive pedal!


I experimented with different tail pieces and pickups with this model. This was not an easy guitar to make. My factory in China did a great job of turning my templates into high quality products but this one was a hard one for them. Very often we had to do additional work on them in-house before letting them go out the door.

For more information CLICK HERE (Legacy Gaskell FAQ) 

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