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NOTE. The Hybrid Series has been discontinued from 2024. 

The Telecaster is one of my favorite guitars. I am biased. And to their credit Fender have made a consistent effort over the years to make left handed Telecasters, but never like this. 

A left handed Telecaster with a Floyd Rose? ... Unheard of!

Telecasters are made by just about every guitar brand in the world. Some have been made with Bigsby tremolos over the years but the issue with vintage vibrato systems is that they do not stay in tune all the time. That issue is eliminated with a genuine Floyd Rose tremolo system.

Whether you use the whammy bar for vibrato, dives, flutters - or never at all, the fact remains: a guitar with a Floyd Rose original tremolo system stays in tune. Period.

I always wanted to make a Tele-style guitar with a Floyd Rose tremolo and in the past that had not been possible, mainly due to lack of interest from the lefty guitar community. When we transitioned to full Custom Shop in 2013 I dropped the All-Rounder completely. Post-Covid I am revisiting left handed guitars with a completely fresh look and this is one I want to do.

The other thing about the Gaskell All-Rounder FR is that I have chosen to use a humbucker in the bridge and single coil in the neck. This pickup configuration enables the player to cross genres. All sounds from Surf Pop to Heavy Metal are possible with the Gaskell All-Rounder FR. It is an "all-round" guitar - one that stays in tune!

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