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For over 50 years Gibson did not make left handed Explorer guitars. As a lefty player myself, it was my own frustration and feelings of betrayal that drove me to build guitars in the first place. The absence of a lefty Explorer was a major motivator. 


No one makes single pickup Explorer guitars, not even Gibson. The "X1" is a Gaskell exclusive, introduced in 2023. Left handed. 


The "1" in the name means one pickup. "X" is for two reasons. The shape is a bit like an "X" (if you really squint your eyes) and "X" is a symbol of many things, including "rebellion." With Gibson having successfully sued Dean Guitars in 2022 for Dean's version of the Explorer and Flying V despite Dean having made both models since 1977, it is only a matter of time before they move in on any and all brands that might make something similar to a Gibson and shut them down. They were for the longest time one of the most lefty un-friendly guitar brands in the world. "X1" is a very appropriate name.


Single pickup guitars became popular in the 1980s, thanks to the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Gary Moore, Allan Holdsworth, and others. They are popular again today. If you want a lefty Explorer-style guitar with single pickup there is only one place to get one: Gaskell Guitars. Get one before the opportunity is gone. 

The Gaskell X1 can be upgraded. Supply your own upgrades or buy from our online store. Up to you. All upgrades are done at our Custom Shop in Australia.

I will continue to produce the X1 for as long as I can. For you as a lefty guitarist do not think twice about buying one. I am sticking my neck out for you. I don't need to do that. Take the opportunity. NOW.

Lead time is 90 days. Full payment is required first. Available world wide. Prices stated are in Australian dollars. Price includes full Custom Shop set up including fret work, done here in Australia. International customers please convert to your local currency. NOTE. You will receive a build sheet for your approval to finalize your guitar specs before payment and before starting your build. 

Optional upgrades:

Gotoh Ti103B Tune-O Matic bridge
EMG 81
DiMarzio True Velvet Bridge pickup
Seymour Duncan800x800.jpg
DiMarzio D Activator X
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