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Gaskell LEGACY models were made between 2007-2012.

When I first started making left handed guitars I had no intentions of doing a left handed Les Paul style guitar. A few years later I relented, after being talked into it by lefties from all around the world, and then started producing something like a lefty LP. Gibson / Epiphone was going through one of it's "no lefties" stages. But other brands still made them. 

Released in 2011, the Gaskell ROCKITT surprisingly sold well, much to my surprise. I made a number in Custom Shop too after 2013.

I think there were lefties who wanted to give the middle finger to Gibson for flatly refusing to show any regard for us. Just about every guitar brand on the planet makes something like a Les Paul, but not all make lefties. Gibson at that time was very lefty-adverse too.

Of course, I made mine better and although numbers were small, some nice guitars made it into the hands of some very talented lefty guitarists. 

Having resumed factory+Custom shop production in 2023 I have no intention to make a left handed LP style guitar again. Gibson makes lefty Les Pauls, and so do others. But like before, I can easily be persuaded. That's entirely up to you.

For more information CLICK HERE (Legacy Gaskell FAQ) 

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