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For over 50 years Gibson never made a production left handed Firebird guitar. In a turn of events Gibson released a left handed version of what they called the "Tribute" model in 2010. However, the Tribute model was a sort of  knock-off of their own design. It was a slab body guitar in the shape of a Firebird! No way is that a "Firebird." Firebirds have three-piece bodies! Firebirds are not Fenders!


I wasn't too impressed. I therefore decided I would do something further with the very popular Gaskell FIRESTARTER which I had already been making since 2008.

In 2011 I released the Firestarter 2011 LIMITED EDITION. It was a one-year-only production model with very small numbers produced. Today this is one of the rarest Gaskells from that era.  

The 2011 Limited Edition Firestarter has triple mini-humbucker pickups, like an original Firebird VII. The maple top was unique to this model too. I also repositioned the pickup selector which I believe is a functional improvement. 

UPDATE 2023 I am able to make this guitar again through one of the factories I am using for the new HYBRID SERIES Gaskells. However, I will only re introduce this model if there is enough interest from the lefty community to make it worthwhile.

Meanwhile this guitar remains a 2011 one-off Legacy model, available only on the second-hand market. 

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