Gaskell V Bass

The Gaskell V-BASS is most obviously a Flying V Bass guitar. This is a model that is next to impossible to find in right hand, let alone in left hand.


The Gaskell V-BASS started out as a factory model, introduced in 2010, and went on to become the second most popular Gaskell bass.


This bass is the hallmark of Heavy Metal. Not only does it look aggressive but it's shape is practical and ergonomic. The V shape is a shape that always makes a statement and gets a reaction. It is one of the best guitar designs ever created. 


Local and global world events made it economically impossible to continue producing factory models and the transition to full Custom shop occurred in 2013. All Gaskell instruments thereafter are 100% made in Australia using top-of-the-line hardware, electronics and tonewoods under our decade-long partnership with Cilia Custom Guitars in Sydney.


With Custom shop you can have a V-BASS built exactly how you want it. This is a core Gaskell model and is fully customizable. Lefties don't get these options anywhere else!


A Gaskell V-BASS starts from AU$ 3900 (about US$ 2990) depending on options and finishes.