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Gaskell LEGACY instruments were made between 2007 and 2012 and are discontinued. 

The Gaskell V-BASS is most obviously a Flying V Bass guitar. This is a model that is next to impossible to buy in right hand, let alone in left hand.

This bass is the hallmark of Heavy Metal music. Not only does it look aggressive but it's shape is practical and ergonomic. The V shape is a shape that always makes a statement and says you mean business.

The Gaskell V-BASS started out as a factory model, introduced in 2010, and went on to become the second most popular Gaskell bass. There are lefty bassists in nearly every country in the world that own and play a Gaskell VBASS. 


Since 2013 this guitar has been 100% made in Australia, built under our decade-long partnership with Cilia Custom Guitars in Sydney. Each guitar is a one-off individual build. 


Post-COVID I have discontinued this model as a Custom build and it remains a legacy product now. If there was renewed interest from the lefty community in this model I may consider adding it to the new 2023 HYBRID Series. This is entirely up to you, lefty bass players. No support = no guitars. 

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