I released the Gaskell ALL ROUNDER for a different reason than I ordinarily would. Yes it is true, that left handed Tele-style guitars are pretty easy to find, from "China cheapies" to high-end models. I was never interested in producing guitars that weren't otherwise a problem to find. Every guitar brand in the world makes a Telecaster, including the lefty-friendly brands! However, where availability fails miserably for left handed players is in colours and options.  

I wanted to do different things with the Tele slab body and open up new possibilities to left handed players such as fit humbucker pickups, fit a Kahler tremolo or a PRS-type fixed bridge, do a 3x3 headstock, rearrange controls, etc. Pretty much all the things you can do to other slab body guitars to make them a bit different or a bit more interesting. 

To my surprise after I released this model in 2011 all those ideas eventually had to be kicked over to Custom shop as the ALL ROUNDER proved to be of more interest to lefty players as an original Telecaster! So that's the direction I went with the factory models. However I did make mine with body contours like a Stratocaster. This was something different. 

Update 2021 THIS MODEL IS DISCONTINUED and is now a Legacy product. It is possible to get a custom lefty Tele-style guitar through Cilia Custom Guitars whose Cilia brand version is called the Harlequin. Renowned Australian guitarist Michael Dolce uses Cilia Harlequins.