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Gaskell Legacy guitars and basses were made between 2007-2012 and are discontinued. 

The Flying V guitar dates back to 1958. It was extremely unpopular when it first came out and was considered an utter failure. It wasn't until the start of the 1970s that guitarists really took notice of it. Today, it is the most popular "extreme" shape guitar of all time.


Nearly every guitar manufacturer in the world makes a Flying V. Original Flying Vs have at different times been made left handed but variations and choices were always limited. 

The Gaskell V6
, introduced 2008, is my version of the Flying V. It is not the same. The most obvious change is the headstock. I really disliked the original headstock. It was too long and pointy. It ruined the proportions of the guitar. I redesigned the headstock to be shorter and more stylish. I didn't like the original "busy-looking" pick guard either so I went for a very different pick guard: a Randy Rhoads V pick guard. I believe this is the best looking V-guitar. I was particularly proud of this model and I made a lot of them. It sold well. They are all around the world.  

This guitar has been out of production since we transitioned to full custom shop in 2013 and remains a Legacy product.

Update 2023. Gibson Guitars successfully sued Dean Guitars in November 2022 for copyright infringement over their Explorer and Flying V guitars. I am not wiling to risk being served a "cease and desist" letter from Gibson so this Gaskell model is permanently out of production. 

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