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Gaskell LEGACY Models are left handed instruments that were made between 2007 and 2012 and are now discontinued.

Gibson Guitars introduced the Explorer bass in 1981. They have never been made in left hand. Not even Gibson's Epiphone brand made a left hand Explorer bass. I have never been able to identify a major guitar brand anywhere in the world that makes a production left-handed Explorer bass. Would I still be right in thinking this today? Do you know of any? 


The X-BASS was my first left handed bass guitar, introduced in 2008. I use the same body size and shape of my 6-string Explorer which itself is slightly smaller than the Gibson original. This smaller Explorer bass body actually makes the bass easier and better to play. It does not suffer from "neck dive." It is perfectly balanced. 


This was always a very popular Gaskell bass and there are players in just about every country in the world. Personally, I really love this bass. It was a no brainer to continue it as a Custom Shop guitar!


Post-COVID I have discontinued this model as a Custom build and it remains a Legacy product now.


Update 2023. I resumed factory production in 2023. I have not yet been able to find a factory that will build this model to my specifications as before and at the cost it needs to be to be sold at the intended price point. I no longer have the same contacts and resources as I did pre-2013. I very much want to reintroduce this model. This will depend on the support of the lefty community. No support = no guitars. If there are enough people interested in a lefty XBASS then I can reapproach the factories.   

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