Gaskell X-BASS

Gibson Guitars introduced the Explorer bass in 1981. They were never available in left hand. Their Chinese Epiphone brand never offered them in left hand either. I have never been able to identify a guitar brand anywhere in the world that makes a production left handed Explorer bass.


The X-BASS was my first left handed bass guitar, introduced in 2008. Legacy models came with a basswood body and maple neck. It uses the same body as the Gaskell CLASSIC which makes it slightly smaller than a Gibson Explorer bass. 


Local and global world events made it economically impossible to continue producing factory models and the transition to full Custom shop occurred in 2013. All Gaskell guitars and basses have been 100% made in Australia since then. 


Now you can easily get a left handed Explorer style bass wherever you may live in the world, built exactly to your specifications. All Gaskell instruments are built using top-of-the-line hardware, electronics and tone woods. Lefties don't get this anywhere else!

This is a core Gaskell model and is in production again from 2021 under our same decade-long partnership with Cilia Custom Guitars in Sydney. 

A Gaskell XBASS starts from AU$ 3990 (about US$ 2900depending on options and finishes.