Producing a left handed Iceman was a simple decision for me. Ibanez never made them in left hand... decision made! I still find it strange, considering they always offered decent Superstrats in left hand like the very good RG Series range, yet never their Iceman.


The ICE AXE, introduced in 2010, is a lefty Iceman-style guitar with twin humbucking pickups and Tun-o-matic bridge. It was made with a genuine mahogany body and a maple neck, which at that time was not common for mass-produced factory models. It was only available in black, with chrome hardware.


I was forced to cease factory production in 2012 due to local and global events which made it economically impossible to continue producing factory models and still maintain the intended price point of the guitars. Sadly, the ICE AXE had to be discontinued. It was a one-year-only model. I never built one thereafter in Custom shop. 

For more information CLICK HERE (Legacy Gaskell FAQ)

In 2017 Ibanez released a left handed Paul Stanley signature Iceman model for the first time. Kudos to Ibanez!


Update 2021 Note: Because of the very small production numbers the Ice Axe is one of the rarest Gaskell models. This model is to be found only on the second hand market today.