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The Gaskell ICE AXE was a one-year-only model produced in 2010.


At the time Ibanez did not make left hand versions of their Iceman guitar. Since Gaskell Guitars was all about producing left handed models that others refused to make, it was a no-brainer that I would make my own for those in the global lefty community interested in a lefty Iceman. And so I did.

The Gaskell ICE AXE was made with twin humbucking pickups and Tun-o-matic bridge. It was available only in black, with chrome hardware. The body and neck were a true mahogany which at that time was uncommon for mass-produced factory models. With the restrictions on genuine mahogany (banned from native sourcing since 2003) and high prices for genuine and true mahoganies today it is impossible to make this guitar today and remain in the sub-$1000 market.


We were forced to cease factory production in 2012 due to local and global events which made it economically impossible to continue producing factory models and still maintain the intended price point of the guitars. Sadly, the ICE AXE had to be discontinued.

In 2017 Ibanez released a left handed version of their Paul Stanley signature Iceman model. This was the first time they made any Iceman model in left hand, I believe the model is currently discontinued.


The Gaskell ICEAXE is no longer produced.

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