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From 2023 this is the only guitar I am still doing as a Custom Shop build.


Like it or not, the Stratocaster® is the most popular electric guitar in the world. More guitarists play Strats than any other type of electric guitar. Lefties aren't any different.


There are some great guitar brands who make excellent lefty Strats. From 2023 this is my only full custom shop model, 100% made in Australia. It is a very special model to me. I believe this is the very best left handed Superstrat in the world. 

I introduced the Gaskell EAGLE in 2014. It is 100% my design. It has always been a Custom shop guitar built individually for the person. The base model comes with genuine Schaller or Gotoh Floyd Rose tremolo, and Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio or EMG pickups of your choice. But it can just as easily be built with one, two, or three pickups and a wraparound bridge. The body is a familiar Superstrat shape but not quite like any other Superstrat guitar.


The Eagle is built for comfort, accessibility, speed, and precision. A good guitar makes you play better.


The Gaskell EAGLE is the ultimate left handed Superstrat guitar. 100% made in Australia. 100% customizable. Now you can have your dream guitar! 

With recent increases in the cost of tonewoods and guitar components please contact me directly for a quote for your own custom left handed Superstrat guitar.

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