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Gaskell Firestarter - Hybrid Series

The Gaskell FIRESTARTER is inspired by a guitar that many still call "The original Rock guitar." For 50 years that guitar was never offered as a production left handed guitar. It wasn't until 2010 that Gibson finally released a left handed Firebird, calling it the "70's Tribute" model. However, they didn't even make it properly! Theirs was a slab body guitar with a bolt-on neck! That is not a Firebird! Real Firebirds have three-piece bodies. Firebirds are not Telecasters!

I introduced the Gaskell FIRESTARTER in 2008. At that time left handed Firebirds were impossible to get elsewhere. No other guitar brand made them either.


The FIRESTARTER was always built with the proper three-piece body. The first models were made with mahogany bodies and maple necks as per the 1970s originals. Eventually they were all mahogany and came standard with full-sized humbucker pickups, different from the originals.


From 2013 I discontinued factory manufacturing and the FIRESTARTER became an individual Custom Shop build only, 100% made in Australia.


In 2023 I reintroduced this guitar as part of the Hybrid Series. For the first time in 10 years I had guitars made at a factory, as one-offs, and finished them off in Custom Shop. We made some great Firestarters in 2023. Unfortunately the Hybrid Series turned out to be unsustainable at the price point I was selling them at. Too expensive to make them like that.


Unfortunately I have had to discontinue the Hybrid Series. That includes the Hybrid Series FIRESTARTER. Once I sell my remaining stock there will be no more. I have only a few. If you are interested CONTACT ME. 

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