Gaskell left handed Firestarter

The Gaskell FIRESTARTER is inspired by a guitar that many still call "The original Rock guitar." It is an extremely versatile guitar which is suited for all styles of music, including Jazz, Blues, Pop, Country, Rock, Metal, and even slide.


For 50 years this guitar was never offered as a production left handed guitar. It wasn't until 2010 that Gibson released a production lefty Firebird for the first time, calling it the "70's Tribute" model. However, it was a slab body guitar with bolt neck! That is not a Firebird! Firebirds have three-piece bodies. Firebirds are not Telecasters!

The Gaskell FIRESTARTER was always a proper three-piece body. The first Legacy models were made with mahogany bodies and maple necks as per the 1970s originals. Eventually they were all mahogany and came standard with full-sized pickups. Economic and world events made it impossible to continue to make factory guitars and fom 2013 all Gaskells have been 100% made in Australia as individual Custom shop builds.


The 2021 Firestarter is 100% made in Australia under our decade-long partnership with Cilia Custom Guitars in Sydney. You can have any tone wood, any neck join, full or mini humbuckers, reverse or non reverse headstock, coil split, tremolo bridge, and custom inlays. It is up to you. Lefties don't get these choices anywhere else!


NOTE: Gibson stopped making banjo tuners in 2010. All Gibson Firebird models thereafter have been fitted with standard 6-in-line tuners. There are no aftermarket options for right handed or left handed banjo tuners either. I cannot build a Firestarter with banjo tuners.

Pricing starts from AU$ 3990 (about US$ 2900) depending on options and finishes.