The original guitar that inspired me for the Gaskell M SERIES was designed by Australian guitarist Brad Kelly of the 1980's Heavy Metal band Heaven. It later became associated with legendary Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman who subsequently popularized it. Originals are not available in left hand. 

The Gaskell "M-Series" (M for "Metal") has all the power and playability you need for the heaviest rhythms or screaming lead. A "speed neck" makes this guitar the left handed shredder's dream. Played clean the guitar is funky and bright through the combination of it's basswood body and maple neck. On overdrive it is simply a monster. 

The first Legacy models came with either a Floyd Rose tremolo or a Fender fixed bridge. Later models were all Floyd Rose equipped. I often did EMG and DiMarzio upgrades.


This model was produced from 2008-2011 and was a steady seller. I renamed the later versions of this model the BRUMBY, the Australian equivalent of the American mustang horse - wild and untamed. Very much like this guitar!

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