Left handed Firebird guitars

Artist REC350FV Flying V Explorer case $

ARTIST GUITARS is an Australian distributor of their own brand guitars, keyboards, drums, and other musical instruments and accessories including cases and gig bags. Their REC350FV hard shell case is a generic wood case with plush padding that fits Explorers, Firebirds, and Flying V guitars. There is no shaping so the cavity for the body of the guitar might need to be padded with your cleaning cloths to stop it moving around in the case, but this is the trade off for not having a shaped case that fits the exact shape of your guitar otherwise. I recommend this case if you need something to get yourself out of trouble.   

Thomann Explorer gig bag.jpg

THOMANN is a German musical instrument and musical accessories chain store that is all over Europe and the U.K. This gig bag is branded as a Thomann but is a bag sold under many other brand names and I am pretty sure they are all made at the same factory. I have compared all of these bags side by side and they are all identical. Thomann markets this bag as an Explorer and Firebird gig bag. It's a very good gig bag with 20mm padding. It is made for right handed guitars so a lefty guitar fits in face down instead of face up. I use this bag myself and have gigged for years with this gig bag without any problem. Unfortunately for us here in Australia by the time you do the currency conversion and add postage this gig bag is well over AU$ 100 per bag. I give the Thomann Firebird/Explorer gig bag a 9/10.

DELUXE Firebird gig bag.jpg

GB DELUXE is a bag I am very familiar with. I was using these for all my Gaskell Firebirds and Explorers until they stopped selling them in Australia. GB bags are heavy duty 600 Denier cordura nylon, made in India. The Firebird bag is slightly different than the GB Explorer gig bag (unlike THOMANN whose Explorer bag is also their Firebird bag.) There is a Premium version which is identical but has 30mm padding and costs more. As with all right handed Explorer gig bags the lefty has to be fitted in face down so the extra padding for the bridge and pickups isn't there. At US$ 69.95 it is fairly expensive and is only available from online music stores or eBay. I give the GB DELUXE (and PREMIUM) gig bag a 9/10.

World Tour.jpg

WORLD TOUR is an American brand. Outwardly their Explorer/Firebird gig bag looks like the GB DELUXE Explorer and THOMANN Explorer/Firebird bags. These are available through American musical stores. For a lefty Firebird the bag has the same issue as all the rest, with the lefty having to go in face down. The bag is advertised as having "20mm padding" but it isn't. It's about 12mm. The bag suits the bigger-bodied Gibson Explorer. It is slightly roomy for the smaller-bodied Gaskell shape. At US$ 29.95 from ZZounds in the USA it is a cheap bag and overall not that protective. I would spend the extra money on a RITTER or ROCKBAG unless you don't really care too much about your guitar. I give the WORLD TOUR Explorer gig bag a 6/10.

ChromaCast EXTREME GIG BAG.jpg

CHROMACAST CC-EXTPB-BAG is a gig bag designed to fit "extreme" guitars of all kinds which includes Explorer, Flying V, Firebird, Kelly, etc. The good thing about this case is that it is roomy enough to be able to put a lefty Firebird in it without concern of it being the wrong way round which is somewhat of a consideration with all other Firebird/Explorer gig bags. My only concern with this bag is that it is a little flimsy and it would be better if it was more padded. But it does the job and is a pretty satisfactory solution for a lefty. It looks like this is easiest to purchase via Amazon. After what Amazon did to Parler after the 2020 US election I would never recommend anyone spend a cent of their money on these left-leaning, virtue signalling Fascists. F*** Amazon. That's all I have to say. As for the case, I give it 8/10 but don't buy it from Amazon.  


GATOR make some very good guitar bags. I have used many over the years and I like them. The GBE-EXTREME-1 is not one of their best in my opinion. This bag is a generic oversized bag meant to fit Explorers, Firebirds, Vs and other extreme shapes. It has 10mm padding and is essentially just a zip-up sleeve. You can lay your guitar any way in the bag so it doesn't have the issue of other gig bags as previously mentioned. However, because it is too thin I would not recommend this bag. You may as well wrap your guitar in a blanket. To be fair it is marketed as a budget gig bag and that is most definitely the case. At least you can put your guitar in it face up like it should go. I give it 6/10.  

Chase CGB106-e.jpg

CHASE DIRECT is a UK online musical instrument and musical accessories store that sells cases for all musical instruments. Their gig bags are branded as "Chase." It looks like they only deliver within the U.K. I have not seen another one like this. It says it's an Explorer bag but that shape definitely will fit Firebirds. The bag has the usual problem with being a right handed bag but also has only 10mm padding. This would be a little risky to use for active musicians. I would not recommend this unless you really need to go somewhere with your guitar that isn't going to be an obstacle course, definitely not gigging. At GBP 29.99 at least it's not too expensive! Going by specs and looks this bag looks to be about a 6/10, lower only because of the thinner padding than others.