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Cases and bags for left handed V guitars

fRLUXE gig bag.jpg

GB seems to be the "brand" and DELUXE seems to be the series for these bags made in India. This is a good gig bag for Gibson-style Flying Vs and has 20mm padding. Being that a Flying V fits the same in the bag whether left handed or right handed, any shaped bag like this is ideal for a lefty Flying V and smaller bodied Randy Rhoads V. It will not fit a Gaskell RRV as the Gaskell has a longer top horn and it comes to a point. The GB version seems to be only available through on line music stores and is not very readily available. The THOMANN version is identical, except for the red piping. I am very familiar with these bags. I give the GB DELUXE/THOMANN gig bag for V guitars a 8/10.


RITTER is a Swiss brand and makes high quality bags for many applications, not only for musical instruments. Their Flying V bag, model RGS7-V , is well padded with a total of 28mm padding. The Ritter website is not very impressive. All it has is a link to their catalog which opens as a PDF. You would need to do your own internet search to find a supplier.  The Ritter is probably my favourite padded gig bag and the price is reasonable. The V bag is unfortunately not available in Australia anymore as the Australian distributor only stocks "regular" guitar bags. Nevertheless, for a gig bag and for a Flying V I give it  a 10/10.


RITTER also makes a Randy Rhoads (offset V) gig bag and this is a real treat! It is listed in their catalog as model RGS7-JR. It also has a total of 28mm padding. The only downside is, as with left handed Explorers and Firebirds, the RRV fits in wrong way to, meaning the face of the lefty guitar is where the back of the guitar is meant to be for a right handed guitar. The additional benefit from the little bit of added padding of the front pockets is not there for a left handed RRV (or any guitar that is not asymmetrical.) Only for that reason I rate the Ritter Randy Rhoads V bag a 9/10 and not a 10/10. Who else makes proper offset V cases?

Gator_G-PG-335V gig bag.jpg

GATOR make some very good guitar bags. Their "Pro-Go Series 335/Flying V Style Guitar Bag with Micro Fleece Interior and Removable Backpack Straps" is a great gig bag for Flying V guitars. Padding is excellent and the external pocket at the front is massive. It is noted on the Gator website as model code G-PG-335V. It appears to retail for around US$ 140 and in Australia between AU$219 and $249. My experience with Gator bags is that they are very sturdy and are usually a tight fit. I have never used this bag myself but on specs and looks (and experience with other Gator bags and cases) I could see this deserving a 10/10 if everything is as it says.  


V -CASE (SKU 70667) is a Flying V hard case sold through Melbourne Music here in Australia. It retails through them for $129.00. It looks like this case maybe the store's own brand as they have other hard cases for other types of guitars and basses branded as V-Case too. Be that as it may, it is a hard case, and it is for a Flying V and because orientation doesn't matter with Flying Vs it will fit a lefty. I have never seen one in person but it looks alright. Anyone care to comment?


SKB is one of the most renowned guitar case companies in the world. There is nothing better for your Flying V than this zip-up SKB soft case, model 1SKB-SC58. It is extremely well padded and makes no difference if the guitar is right handed or left handed. It is the most expensive soft case you can get for an off-the-shelf solution but it is well worth the money if you can find one. It might also fit a Jackson or ESP Randy Rhoads V but I do not know if that is true personally. It will not fit a Gaskell RRV as the Gaskell body is a little bigger than the Jackson and ESP models. As a Flying V this case is a 10/10. 


ROCKBAG, model RB 20506 FV STARLINE (Deluxe range) by Framus & Warwick might be the best Flying V gig bag you can get. Framus & Warwick are a German company and have a major presence in Europe. (Their full range of gig bags and accessories are carried by the German chainstore Thomann.) The fit is perfect for both right handed and left handed symmetrical Flying V guitars. Padding is a total of 25mm and the bag is 600 Denier polyester. It can be lugged like a backpack. (Note, there is a cheaper, budget version too, model RB 20506 FV B. It is similar to the GB/THOMANN basic 20mm padded V gig bag.) I give the RB 20506 FV STARLINE bag a solid 10/10.  

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