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NOTE. For left handed guitars with single coils it is best to use a rail-type pickup if not a proper left handed staggered or flat stagger pickup. Rail-type pickus are interchangeable between left and right handed guitars. 


The Seymour Duncan Hot Rails bridge model single coil 'rails' sized humbucker delivers high output, loads of midrange harmonics, and an aggressive crunch that makes this a great bridge pickup for rock and metal. Chords are full and powerful, and single notes jump out with amazing sizzle. A Hot Rails in the bridge position will literally transform your Strat into a completely different instrument. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Hot Rails for Strat Set comes with a 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options and is wax potted for squeal free operation.


Excellent pickup upgrade for the Gaskell RELIC Series

Seymour Duncan SH1-B Hot Rails Strat pickup (Bridge)

SKU: 1200752
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