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NATURALLY AGED OEM Gaskell Legacy tuners. 6-in line. These are NEW OLD STOCK (N.O.S) items that have been stored loose for 10 years and have naturally aged beautifully. Retain the vintage look of your guitar!  Only $2.00 each. 


Items may show some wear, marks, scratches, or pitting from storage and age, none of which affects useability or functionality - but all of which contribute to an original VINTAGE look. 


NOTE. These tuners are from the LEGACY (factory-made) range of Gaskell guitars. These are decent tuners but they are NOT Custom shop quality. We do not used these in Custom shop. Priced to clear. Once they are gone, they are GONE. 


Price includes postage within Australia

Gaskell vintage left handed 6-in line tuners - set of 6 (N.O.S)

  • If you have any problems with what you receive please contact us to resolve. Some items have limited stock and may not be replaceable. If you have received a defective item and we cannot supply you with a replacement we will refund your money. 

  • Items are sent by Australia Post.

    Please contact for international shipping

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