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The Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbuckers are made to look and sound like a well-worn '50s humbucker as originally designed by Seth E. Lover, the original creator of the P.A.F (Patent Applied For) humbucker pickup. The pickups are built to traditional standards. Each has its own character and DC resistance, just like the originals. The nickel silver cover and the poles are aged to give the player a pickup that looks like it's been played regularly for 40 years.

The neck position model includes a front-tapered mounting ring and the screws that go with it.

Both bridge and neck pickups are not wax potted to retain the sound and appearance of the originals. Again, each pickup is built by hand in the "Antiquity" room and every magnet and bottom plate are signed to guarantee that you are getting an original Seymour W. Duncan Antiquity. Hookup wire includes the classic braided "push back" cloth braid wire.

To some, this is craziness, intentionally creating an aged electrical component. But if you're like Seymour Duncan, and you appreciate the personal commitment and hand craftsmanship found in early electric guitars, then you'll want to capture that timeless beauty with an Antiquity pickup.





  • width:1.494"

  • length: 2.750"

  • max height with leg: 1.095"

  • mounting ring width:1.756"

  • mounting ring length: 3.537"

  • mounting ring max height: .235"

  • minimal height: .150"

  • adjustable pole piece length: .750"

  • height adj. screw height: 1.250"

  • magnet calibration: S-adj. side

  • magnet gauss:15-20 gauss

  • DC Ohms: 7.8K

  • inductance: 4.22 henries

  • Q: 2.29

Seymour Duncan Antiquity NECK pickup (nickel cover)

SKU: 11102-01-NC
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