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Some of the most popular EMG pickups are the 81 / 85 models.


The 85 is one of EMG's first pickups and is loaded with Alnico V magnets, the 85 is a powerful guitar pickup with exceptional tone and versatility. The Alnico magnets of this model provide a muscular growl and smooth lead tones enabling you to play everything from the blues to the most extreme metal. Although often used in the neck position, make no mistake, the EMG 85 sounds great as a bridge humbucker thanks to its exceptional smoothness and soul. This pickup pairs well with just about every other humbucker in the EMG line and using the solderless system, it makes changing your tone easier than ever.

EMG 85 (active) pickup

  • EMG active pickups require a 9v battery. If your guitar does not have a battery box the 9v battery will be fitted in the control cavity of the guitar. Never leave your guitar plugged in when not in use or you will drain the battery and your guitar will not work. 

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