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From DiMarzio:  "Utilizing Larry DiMarzio's 1959 Cherry Sunburst Les Paul® for reference, DiMarzio used the same materials as 1959, gifted ears, and decades of winding experience to create the new PAF® 59 pickups. All materials are made in the U.S.A. to the tolerances of the best of the 1959 pickups.


The PAF® 59 Neck and Bridge models have the open dynamics, bright attack, smooth midrange, and rich bottom end, along with the creamy distortion of the original “Patent Applied For” pickups.


Like the vintage “Patent Applied For” pickups, the PAF® 59 Bridge model has perfect harmonic range with exactly the right amount of oomph. It has a subtle roll off on the top end that sweetens the highs in the bridge position. This pickup features a subtle roll off on the top end in order to sweeten the highs in the bridge position. Combine this with the PAF® 59 Neck for the full vintage experience."


Recommended For: Bridge position. (Can also be used in the neck position)

Quick Connect: No

Wiring: 4 Conductor

Magnet: Alnico 5

Resistance: 8.5 Kohm

Year of Introduction: 2017

DiMarzio PAF 59 BRIDGE pickup

SKU: DP275
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