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6-inline locking tuners for left handed guitars with reverse headstock (or regular right handed guitar. )


Fit Gaskell Firestarter, and all left handed guitars with reverse headstock and 135 degree tuners.


Why pay $320 for a set of $challer locking tuners when you can buy these for $50? 


NOTE: These are budget locking tuners. They are very good but they are not Schaller, Gotoh, or Sperzel quality. No refunds for unrealistic expectations.


Made in China

Locking tuners 6-inline for left handed guitar with reverse headstock (M6 style)

  • If you have any problems with what you receive please contact us to resolve. Some items have limited stock and may not be replaceable. If you have received a defective item and we cannot supply you with a replacement we will refund your money. 

  • Items are sent by Australia Post.

    Please contact for international shipping

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