In 2011 I released a LIMITED EDITION left handed Firebird-style guitar. I made the decision to make this special model in response to something that happened the year before.  


You already know that for 50 years this guitar was never offered as a production left handed guitar. In 2010 Gibson released a sort of cheapened knock-off of their own design: the 2010 "Tribute" model. It was a slab body guitar in the shape of a Firebird! One-piece body? WTF! I wasn't too impressed with that so I decided I would do something further with the Gaskell FIRESTARTER, hence in 2011 I released the Firestarter 2011 LIMITED EDITION. It was a one-year-only production model. I never made this again in Custom shop thereafter. 

What's different about the 2011 Limited Edition Firestarter is that it has triple mini-humbucker pickups, like a Firebird VII, and a figured maple top. (Regular Firestarters always had full size humbuckers.) I also repositioned the pickup selector which I believe is a functional improvement. 

This guitar can still be made as an individual build as it is already templated to be made as pictured. As a Custom shop model it would be made with genuine mahogany body with a figured maple cap and a Madagascar rosewood fingerboard. I recommend Seymour Duncan Vintage Mini Humbucker pickups. 100% made in Australia. Custom build. If you buy this as described the price is AU$ 4444.00 (approx US$ 3400, GBP 2480, EUR 2853)