The Gaskell VIKING is a left handed bass guitar whose design is inspired by the Rickenbacker 4000-series, made famous by the likes of Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead. Rickenbacker ceased all production of left handed instruments in 2007.

If you want a newly built bass like this you have two choices: have one custom built, or see if you can luck into finding a cheap Chinese knock-off online. Good luck with that!


The VIKING started as a factory model, introduced in 2009. The body was made of ash and the fingerboard was rosewood. It was a good seller. After I was forced to cease factory production the VIKING was one of the first Gaskell models to be promoted as a Custom shop build. It was reviewed on an episode of GUITARS WITH JON WAY (See our Media page.)

One thing that is very different between the VIKING and the Rickenbacker 4004 is the scale length. I decided to give mine a standard 32" scale length, which is what most bass players are used to. It also has a Fender style bridge and "toaster" pickups. The VIKING is perfect for any bass player that is used to the common scale length but wants the looks of the Rickenbacker.

UPDATE 2021 As much as it pains me this model is discontinued and remains a Legacy product. Gaskell VIKING basses are now available only on the second-hand market.