Custom shop Gaskell left handed LP

The Gaskell ROCKITT is a left handed single-cut, solid-body guitar.


Every brand in the world makes their own version of the iconic Gibson Les Paul. They are not hard to find in left hand either.


So if "everyone" makes LP style guitars why would you buy a Gaskell? Simple answer: options. The off-the-shelf Gibsons and similar models by other brands are always generic, base models. Nothing special. Nothing fancy. Want a Floyd Rose, Kahler, or Evertune bridge? Perhaps EMG or P90 pickups? Different tonewoods, such as Korina or ebony? Maybe triple pickups like the Ace Frehley Budokan? For lefties these are not options you can readily get. Gaskell Guitars makes left handed guitars to your specifications. You can have all those things you can't get or have to beg for elsewhere, and it will cost you less too. 


If you want a premium left handed LP-style guitar then look no further than the Gaskell ROCKITT.


Since we became 100% Custom shop, I have done a number of left handed LP guitars and we have knocked every one of them out of the park. 


This is a core Gaskell model and is in production again from 2021 under our same decade-long partnership with Cilia Custom Guitars in Sydney. Pricing starts from AU$ 3990 (about US$ 2900depending on options and finishes.