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I never thought I would ever need or want to produce a left handed Stratocaster style guitar. The Stratocaster is the most popular guitar in the world and even the lefty-friendly guitar brands make left handed Strats. They are not hard to find ... as long as you like "black" or "Sunburst" or maybe "white" if you are a good little doggie! Well, you know what? Lefty guitarists are not dogs waiting for a bone! We get disrespected all the time like this! But not Gaskell players! 


The Gaskell WORKHOURSE is my take on a left handed Stratocaster. And it is not available in "black" or "sunburst!" But it is available in all the colours on our Colour Chart. Chances are you will be able to get a lefty Strat in a colour that no other guitar brand offers. How's that for standing up to lefty discrimination? 


I have deliberately gone for a lower cost guitar for this model as I want every lefty who likes Stratocasters to own one of these. But don't assume that because it is cheaper that it is not up to the task. All Hybrid Series guitars get a CUSTOM SHOP SETUP which is built into the price. Just because it's "cheap" doesn't mean it should be "crap." There is not point buying a guitar that you can't play. But that is what you get when you buy a guitar direct from China or from a music chain store. You still have to spend money after you've bought it to make it playable. But not with a Gaskell.


Stratocasters are a "workhorse" guitar. More guitarists play Strats than any other type of guitar, and that goes for lefty guitarists too. Strats are suited for all kinds of music and are highly customizable. 

I'm doing my part to provide highly playable, yet still reasonably priced, left-handed guitars. It's up to you to buy them now. 

NOTE. Lead time is 90 days. Full payment is required first. Available world wide. Prices stated are in Australian dollars. International customers please convert to your local currency. 

Optional upgrades:

Gotoh GE101T Tremolo Bridge Left Handed
6-inline locking tuners (generic)\
Schaller M6 locking tuners
Fender Generation 4 Noiseless Stratocaster Single-Coil Pickups - Set of 3.jpg
Fender Pure Vintage '65 Stratocaster Pickup Set - Vintage White.jpg
DiMarzio PAF 59 neck pickup
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