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A custom shop relic guitar is going to cost you AU$7000 or more. So before we go any further, let's address the elephant in the room : Who today has $7000 to spend on a guitar? Let's be REAL.


Inflation is through the roof. Everyone has been hit hard financially in the wake of COVID and interest rate hikes. Global agendas and corrupt leadership have created even more inequality and suffering. Money is tight. In light of that I launched a more affordable yet very high-quality range of left-handed guitars in 2023. 


The Gaskell RELIC series left handed guitars are new for 2023. Each is built and painted at our factory in China and then finished off here in Australia where they receive a custom shop setup and any requested upgrades.

If you so choose, your RELIC Series guitar can be upgraded with Fender, Seymour Duncan, or DiMarzio pickups; Schaller, or Kluson hardware and tuners; and other custom options. All upgrades and installations are done here in Australia. 

All Relic Series guitars are built to the highest levels of quality using genuine, tonewoods and high quality hardware such as stainless steel frets and brass bridge saddles. That's a lot of guitar for the money!

NOTE. Lead time is 90 days. Full payment is required first. Choose from our five different relic models. Beautifully and cleverly "aged" for an authentic vintage look. Available world wide. Prices stated are in Australian dollars. International customers please convert to your local currency. 

Optional upgrades:

DiMarzio True Velvet T BRIDGE pickup
DiMarzio Air Classic NECK pickup
Gaskell OEM 6-saddle vintage Tele bridge
Gotoh modern 6-saddle lefty Telecaster bridge
6-inline locking tuners (generic)
Schaller 6-inline M6 locking tuners
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