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The Gaskell FIVER is new for 2023. This left handed bass is actually one of the house brand models of one of the factories in China that I am using for some of my Hybrid Series guitars, built to my specifications for left hand. I had absolutely no involvement in the design of this guitar. It's one of theirs, and I liked it, and decided to offer it for lefties as a Gaskell bass.

This is the first new left-handed bass of the new Gaskell "Hybrid Series" which means that it is customizable.

The FIVER has a standard scale length and a modern style. It's weight balance and ergonomics are excellent. It looks great and sounds great. 

If you are a lefty bass player, you might know that left handed basses are not easy to get, especially in colours other than boring "black" or "sunburst" or "natural." Five string bass guitars are even more difficult to find. You can choose any of the colours from our Colour Chart. This is is a first.

I did not expect this to be the case in 2023. But it is. 

Gaskell Guitars exists to fill the voids left by other guitar brands who don't want to make left handed guitars and basses. I am making the effort. Support those that support you. 

NOTE. Lead time is 90 days. Full payment is required first. Available world wide. Prices stated are in Australian dollars. International customers please convert to your local currency. 

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