January 2021: I cannot find the original blurb from my old website for the Gaskell JAZZ and at this time of writing I don't feel like searching Wayback Machine or Internet Archive. So this is newly done, straight off the cuff:


I introduced the JAZZ in 2010. I cannot remember my reasoning for producing a left handed 335-style guitar. I think I was interested in going down the Dave Grohl or Tom Delonge paths with this design. Or it might have simply been the fact that neither Gibson nor Epiphone were making left handed 335s at that time. We are talking 10 years ago. A lot of things have changed since then. 


What I do know is that the Gaskell JAZZ was very popular. People loved this guitar and the most popular colour was red! There are lefty musicians all around the world that own a Gaskell JAZZ.


When we went full Custom shop I decided I did not want to do the Jazz as a custom build. It is not an easy guitar to make. No one showed any interest in a custom build so it really just died at that point.

For more information CLICK HERE (Legacy Gaskell FAQ)


THIS MODEL IS DISCONTINUED and only available on the second-hand market as a Legacy model.