Gaskell Hybrid Custom left handed guitar. Made in Australia

The Gaskell HYBRID is our double cutaway, carved top left handed guitar inspired by the popular guitars made by PRS, Gibson, and others in the 1990s and which are still extremely popular to this day. 


The Gaskell HYBRID is not a clone of any other guitar but has been redesigned in Australia with some modifications and improvements. 


This guitar is "two guitars in one" due to the guitar's coil split feature, controlled by a push-pull switch that gives you the single coil sounds of Fender guitars as well as humbucking sounds of Gibson guitars. Add a Piezo system and it becomes "three guitars in one." It can be built as a 22 or 24 fret guitar. 


The HYBRID is made with a solid 16mm carved maple cap.  (The maple is private stock, sourced from the same supplier to PRS and Gibson. )


Any style of inlays, bridge, hardware, or accessories are possible with this guitar. Every Gaskell HYBRID is made-to-order. You can have your guitar built exactly how you like. These are not options lefties can get elsewhere.

A Gaskell HYBRID starts from AU$ 3990 (about US$ 2900depending on options and finishes.