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If you are a Gary Moore fan (as I am) and a LEFT HANDED GUITARIST, and you have $10,000 to spend on a guitar, then THIS is the guitar for you: the Gaskell Custom Shop left handed Gary Moore tribute Stratocaster.


If you have come to this page then you already know of Gary Moore's famous fiesta red '61 Strat that he used throughout the 80's and on some of his Blues albums in the 90's. He most famously melted our faces with it at the 50th Fender Anniversary show in 2004. 


In 2016 Fender produced a signature model, complete with all the scuffs, scratches, dents, and wear-and-tear of the original. Only 50 were produced. It was no small feat to make such an instrument. 


Anyone who knows me knows I am the biggest Gary Moore fan. My playing style is heavily influenced by Gary Moore and to this day I love nothing more than to plug in with my DS-1 and TS-9 and play over the entire We Want Moore! live album from 1985. 

In honour of this great guitarist I have gathered resources here in Australia to make the first LEFT HANDED Gary Moore signature fiesta red Strat, just like the original (but without the Fender logo of course!) It took me a while to find the people who could make this happen. I certainly could not do it myself!


This Gaskell custom shop guitar comes with the same pickups, tuners, jumbo frets, and even the DiMarzo strap locks! And yes, this is a $10,000 guitar if you want one. A lot of work. A labour of love. You won't get one from Fender in 2023 but you can get one now from Gaskell Guitars! 

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