1. The better your guitar is the better you play. The very best left handed guitar is always going to be a custom made guitar, because a custom guitar is made exactly for you and no one else. A cheap guitar will never be an expensive guitar – a Hyundai will never be a Lamborghini. People can tell an expensive guitar from a cheap guitar. A Custom guitar makes you look good.


2. When you have the best the guitar in the world, your confidence as a guitar player goes up. Because you can do more, play and sound better, a custom guitar makes you feel good.


3. Whatever your reason for being a guitarist, be it for pleasure, for recognition, for fame and fortune, or just to be good at something, a custom guitar makes it easier to achieve your musical goals. It’s hard enough as it is to succeed in the music industry. A custom guitar is one less musical barrier or obstacle to success.


4. A custom guitar actually works out cheaper in the long run. You don’t have to keep buying or replacing guitars every so many years. Custom guitars are made to last a lifetime. If you get the exact guitar you need then you don't need to replace it! Over the course of your career, having a Custom guitar ends up saving you money.


5. If you’re not losing or wasting time with having to replace, fix, or modify guitars, then you have more time to write, play, record, and progress in your music career. You don’t want to be struggling to get your guitar or your sound right all the time. If your guitar is perfect in the first place then you don’t waste time. Having a Custom guitar allows you to have more time.