Gaskell Concord II

The Gaskell CONCORD II is inspired by the Randy Rhoads V guitars which were produced after Randy died. These later models still retained the offset V shape but became standard with Floyd Rose tremolo and Seymour Duncan pickups. ESP Guitars also makes RR V guitars, most famously the single pickup Alexi Laiho version. The Laiho models also include pin striping much like Randy's first offset V prototype.

Because of it's excellent access to the highest notes on the fingerboard this guitar is considered by many to be the ultimate lead guitar.


In the beginning I made this guitar only for the Australian and New Zealand markets as original left handed Randy Rhoads V guitars were never available in Australian and New Zealand music stores and could not even be ordered. 

Factory-made models came standard with an OEM Floyd Rose tremolo "Licensed Under Floyd Rose Patents" and made in Korea. Custom shop models come standard with your choice of Gotoh or Schaller Floyd Rose tremolo, TonePros hardware, and EMG 81/85 pickups. The neck is a D speed neck. For copyright reasons we use our standard Gaskell "hockey stick" headstock. It can be built with a Kahler tremolo, a Gotoh wraparound bridge, Hipshot Hardtail bridge, or a Schaller Signum bridge. Tonewoods, neck construction, inlays, hardware, and pickups are all customizable.


Update 2021 This model is available as a Custom shop build from 2021.