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The world of left handed guitarists and left hand guitars


As lefty players very well know, left handed guitar availability has never been consistent with the mainstream guitar brands.

Some big brand Guitar companies continually flip flop between making and not making left handed guitars year in and year out. You never know what is going to happen next. Always when they do produce left handed guitars they never have the same range as right handed guitars and their excuses are usually stupid statements like “it costs more to make left handed guitars” or “we have to shut the factory down and re tool everything.” The real reason brands suddenly start making left guitars when they weren't before is because they aren't selling right handed guitars. When sales are good they do not care about lefty guitars. Why would they? As far as I am concerned if you willingly support those guitar brands (it's not all of them) then you have classic “Stockholm Syndrome.” And you need to get over it. It's embarrassing and it's disrespectful to yourself as a left handed guitarist. Stop supporting the brands that betray us. You owe them nothing.

There are a few guitar brands, other than myself, that consistently do honour, respect, and support left handed guitarists: they are Schecter and Larrivée Guitars. These two guitar brands deserve your support. I cannot say enough good things about them. No lefty should say a bad thing about either of them. 

I would never say Gibson was "the worst" but certainly before their bankruptcy and new management (2017) Gibson was one of the very worst guitar brands for lefty guitars. Until then they had never made a left handed Explorer. They had never made a left handed Firebird. Not even through their Chinese Epiphone brand. Gibson absolutely did not give a s**t about us lefty players. Gibson's bankruptcy was the best thing for lefty guitarists. “Gibson 2.0” is quite lefty-friendly and the new management is obviously more sensible than the traitors that ran the show before. Good riddance to everyone that they got rid of! Original Gibson is dead and buried and they thoroughly deserved it. New Gibson is not "great" but a token gesture is better than no gesture at all. And there are plenty of other guitar brands that simply do not make left handed guitars at all. F*** them all. You know who they are. 


Overall the point is: Left handed guitar availability comes and goes. It changes all the time. But apart from the two outstanding guitar companies I just mentioned these following guitar brands are consistently pretty good too: ESP, Tokai, Gretsch, and Dean. I could have included Ibanez too but they flip-flap a little too much.  

Gaskell Guitars 2.0 was launched in 2023. I made factory guitars from 2008-2012 and Custom Shop guitars from 2013 - 2020. Covid destroyed a lot of businesses, including mine, and the corrupt world bankers, politicians and dishonest mainstream media has destroyed much of our Rights and Freedom since. And all of this because too many unthinking people could not recognize that the whole thing was an engineered series of lies, penned by an old man and his cronies in Davos, Switzerland. Talk about not being able to call a spade a spade! This whole left wing toxic insanity is destroying morals, values and the basic concepts of "right" and "wrong." Easily-influenced young people are being brainwashed by this poisonous rhetoric. And none of this is "accidental." The world is in the deepest s**t, right now. Run by criminals. And they are not even hiding it anymore. If you cannot confront the facts then that is your problem, not mine. You just have to LOOK. The proof is overwhelming. 

For now, we do our best.


I am doing my best to look after lefty guitarists. I did it before. I am doing it again. 


Send a message to these other guitar companies that are happy to BETRAY you as a left handed guitarist: buy and use Gaskell guitars instead. It's that simple. 

And don't disrespect yourself by pandering to these other guitar brands that do not give a s**t about you. They are the Problem. They are not the Solution.  

Just don't do it!

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