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Welcome to Gaskell Left Handed Guitars

... where right is wrong and left is right

Since 2007 Gaskell Left Handed Guitars has been the only lefty-exclusive manufacturer of left handed guitars and basses.

Driven initially by the same frustration and sense of betrayal that all lefty players feel, I decided to make guitars in left hand that other manufacturers only periodically made or refused to make. There was a long list at that time!

From 2007 - 2012 Gaskell guitars and basses were factory-made instruments with Custom Shop options available through the "Pro Series." From 2013 - 2022 all Gaskell guitars and basses became full Custom Shop builds, 100% made in Australia. Today, there are Gaskell players in almost every country in the world.

In 2023 I ceased Custom Shop production with the except of one model: the Gaskell EAGLE. From 2023 all newly-made Gaskell guitars are now "hybrid builds," meaning they are the product of a hybrid manufacturing process, again involving a factory as well as work done in Australia. Built into the final price is a full Custom Shop setup which brings playability up to full professional level.


HYBRID Series guitars are also fully customizable. We can upgrade your guitar with different pickups and hardware. You can buy what you want through our On Line Store or you can supply your own for us to install.


I want you learning, playing, recording, gigging, and touring with Gaskell guitars. Don't support other guitar brands that treat lefties as an afterthought or an inconvenience. You deserve the same consideration and respect as anyone else!  Be a Gaskell player.

Contact Us

Reach me directly: Kevin Gaskell


Phone or TXT: (AU) +61 456 309 113

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