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January 2021. Message from Kevin Gaskell

Since 2007 Gaskell Guitars is the only guitar brand in the world dedicated exclusively to left hand guitars. I am a left handed guitarist. I have been playing for over 40 years.


Beginning with factory-made guitars in 2007 we eventually evolved into a premium Custom shop with all Gaskell guitars and basses 100% made in Australia from 2013, using the highest quality tonewoods, hardware, and electronics. Hundreds of lefty players all around the world own and play Gaskell guitars and basses.


If you own a Gaskell guitar or bass and have questions or would like to get in touch about anything feel free to do so. I am directly contactable through this website. Order guitars through me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you in 2021 and beyond. 

Gaskell left hand guitars and basses

For over a decade Gaskell Guitars made left hand and basses that were not available in left handed option by other manufacturers.

Driven initially by frustration and a sense of betrayal, the first guitar I made was a left handed Explorer, never before available as a Gibson original. This guitar went on to become our most popular model. In addition to left hand Explorers, I made left handed Firebird guitars, left handed Thunderbird bass guitars, left handed single and double-cut guitars, left handed Flying V guitars and basses, Randy Rhoads V style guitars, left handed 335-style guitars, and others.


From 2013 Gaskell Guitars switched to full Custom Shop in partnership with Charles Cilia of Cilia Custom Guitars in Sydney. The relationship existed long before then with Charles doing all my new guitar set ups and Pro Series upgrades almost from the beginning, but it wasn't till then that all Gaskell instruments thereafter became 100% made in Australia.


In 2014 I designed and released the first Gaskell lefty Superstrat style guitar, the Gaskell EAGLE and in 2015 I released a 7-string lefty Explorer. Between 2017 and 2021 I retired from making guitars. From 2021 I am again offering the core Gaskell models the brand is renowned for, every one 100% made in Australia, 100% customizable. Left handed only. Available worldwide again.

Gaskell Hybrid left handed guitar

Gaskell Hybrid

Left handed double cut guitar
100% made in Australia

Classic BLACK BLACK pick guard CUSTOM SH

Gaskell Classic

Left handed Explorer-style guitar
100% made in Australia from 2012


Gaskell Firestarter

Left handed Firebird-style guitar
100% made in Australia

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